Ambassador Boating

SUBMARINES---Ambassador Boating: Riding Quality---SUBMARINES

Buy one of our fast and fantastic boats, thousands to choose from! From $1,000 to $5,000,000!

Price $2,000,000,000*
Dimentions 170x10x13 METRES
Colour Themes Black, Silver, Deep-Blue
Ships to WORLDWIDE (From $10,000)
Max Speed 25 Kn
Running Cost $50,000,000/year

*Fuel, crew, ammunition not included. ^Buy one Ohio-Class Submarine get 1 Trident Missile free!

Price $460,300
Dimentions 15x15x3 METRES
Colour Themes Black, White, Silver, Purple
Ships to WORLDWIDE^(From $3,000)
Max Speed 78 Kn
Running Cost $4,000/year
Special Features 4 x 76mm Machine Gun
4 x Nuclear Missile
8 x Torpedo
Dives up to 6,500m

*Fuel not included. GST not included. ^Excludes AFRICA, TAIWAN, INDIA