Ambassador Boating

FAQ---Ambassador Boating: Riding Quality---FAQ


How much time did it take to make this webpage?
I took myself about a month or so to do this.

I can't actually buy items!!!
Sorry, there currently isn't any stock.

When will there be any stock?
When Mr Cooper gives me an A on every semester.

Why did you make this webpage?
For my IPT assignment.

Why did you choose this background?
It is a mix of dark and light which I like and it is blue just like the sea.

Why did you choose that logo?
The wheel looks like a sea rescue hoop which suits the theme.

Why did you choose the name "Ambassador Boating"?
I got the idea from Ambassador Stationary, and adding boating to that seems logical.

How much did the domain cost?

How much did the DNS and Mail cost?

Explain your HTML code pls?
Go to About Us > About Webpage